What is spirituality?

When we ask ourselves the question: who am I?, we usually put all the credentials that we have accumulated through our life to validate who we are: I am an engineer and I am married to… I’m a triathlonist…

I’m a doctor, etc. From my point of view first of all we must be aware that we are a miracle of life, that we are beings created in the image and likeness of our creator, with an infinite capacity and with a potential that we often cannot even understand.

To develop this potential, it is of the utmost importance to be able to connect daily with the God that we each have inside, its where we will find all the answers to our doubts and uncertainties.

For me, spirituality is the connection we have with our creator, it is to shut the mind and listen to our soul and ask for guidance. I also consider it indispensable to have reading of great teachers who have set foot on the earth, such as Jesus who left us the laws of this game called life.

This spiritual link is essential to achieve integral well-being and has to do with what is not seen, but it is the result of what is seen, so what you see is the outcome of the concept you have in your mind. Matter is the result of non-matter, what we feel and what we connect with.

Having a space during the day to connect with this part is essential. Often we just get up, bathe and run to work to generate money, however it is important to include a moment during the day to reconnect with our soul.

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